Sydney Nepali church was birthed to provide nepali fellowship to the believers from different churches in Nepal under one umbrella where the Christ is the head of the church in every aspect of SNC's ministries. SNC also exist to make Christ Known to every lost soul that resides not only in Sydney but different regions of Australia.

Sydney Nepali Church is an Evangelical Church running service in Nepali Language at Auburn, NSW. We have committee of the people that operate the daily activities of church with common vision, mission, integrity and focus towards the expansion of God's kingdom.

Our Church incorporates God's family into our fellowship. We provide a warm, authentic and Christ-like community. We warmly welcome new souls into the body of Christ through Baptism. As God's family we have each other for both spiritual and physical support.

Our church demonstrates God's love through ministry or service. We believe and practice showing God's love to one another by meeting their needs and healing their hurts and brokenness in the name of Jesus. We believe the church is to minister to all kinds of needs in love whether spiritual, emotional, relational or physical.

Our main focus is discipleship and our responsibility are to develop each individual to grow holistically in their spiritual, relational and physical lives, teaching them to obey Christ and become more like Him in their thoughts, feelings and actions. This is God's commandment for every believer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build community of Christ’ disciples, who disciple others to fulfill Great Commission and expand the kingdom of God.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the gospel to Nepali community in Sydney and beyond. We uplift spiritual growth and discipleship through fellowship. We build Christ-centred relationship and be like Christ for the glory of God.